10 Things to Do in Chattogram in 2023 – Best Travel Tips

Chattogram, the second-largest city in Bangladesh, is an emerging travel destination offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern attractions. The city, also known as Chittagong, boasts a vibrant history, bustling markets, serene beaches, and picturesque landscapes.

In this article, we will explore the top things to do in Chattogram in 2023, providing a comprehensive guide for travelers seeking to experience the best of this dynamic city.

10. Exploring Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach is a popular spot located near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River, offering a breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal. It’s a fantastic place for a leisurely stroll, especially during sunrise or sunset when the sky displays an array of colors. Visitors can enjoy local street food, fly kites, or simply relax by the water. The beach has undergone significant improvements, making it more tourist-friendly with better facilities and cleaner surroundings.

9. Discovering the Chattogram Hill Tracts

The Hill Tracts region, a short drive from the city, is an area of extraordinary natural beauty. This region is home to diverse indigenous communities, each with unique cultures and traditions. The dense forests, winding rivers, and tranquil lakes make it a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Trekking through the hills, visiting tribal villages, and boating in Kaptai Lake are some of the activities that visitors can enjoy in this serene landscape.

8. Visiting the Foy’s Lake

Foy's Lake

Foy’s Lake is an artificial lake created in 1924 and is a popular recreational area. Surrounded by hills and greenery, it’s a perfect place for a family outing. The lake area includes an amusement park and a resort, offering various rides and attractions for all ages. The tranquility of the lake also makes it a favored spot for picnics and boat rides, providing a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

7. Experiencing the Chattogram War Cemetery

The Chattogram War Cemetery is a somber yet significant site, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices made during World War II. This beautifully maintained cemetery is the final resting place for soldiers from different countries who lost their lives in the Burma campaign. The serene environment and well-kept grounds make it a place of reflection and respect for the visitors.

6. Bazar Wandering in Chattogram

Bazar Wandering in Chattogram

Chattogram is famous for its bustling bazars, where one can experience the local life and culture. The Khatunganj and Asadganj markets are notable for their vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of goods, including textiles, spices, and local handicrafts. These markets are not just shopping destinations but also offer a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals. Haggling is common, so be prepared to negotiate for the best deals.

5. Journey to the Shipbreaking Yards

The shipbreaking yards of Chattogram are a unique and somewhat controversial attraction. These yards, where old ships are dismantled, offer a rare insight into an industry that is vital to the local economy. However, visiting these yards requires permission as they are not typical tourist sites. It’s an opportunity to see a different facet of the city’s industrial strength.

4. Enjoying Chattogram’s Culinary Delights

Bengali cuisine

Chattogram is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, reflecting a blend of local and foreign influences. Traditional Bengali cuisine, with its emphasis on fish, rice, and lentils, is predominant. Chattogram’s coastal location means seafood is especially fresh and delicious here. Must-try dishes include Mezban beef, Panta Bhat with Hilsa fish, and various biryanis. Sweet lovers will enjoy the local desserts like Rasgulla and Sandesh.

3. Visiting the Ethnological Museum

The Ethnological Museum in Chattogram is the only one of its kind in Bangladesh. It showcases the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country. The museum houses a range of exhibits that display the traditions, artifacts, and lifestyles of various ethnic groups in Bangladesh. It’s an enlightening experience for those interested in anthropology and cultural studies.

2. Adventure at Bhatiari Lake

Bhatiari Lake

Bhatiari Lake, nestled in the hills, is a haven for adventure seekers. The area around the lake is ideal for hiking, bird watching, and photography. The scenic beauty of the lake, especially during the early morning or late afternoon, is mesmerizing. The lake area also offers opportunities for golfing, as it is located near a well-maintained golf course.

1. Exploring the Chandanpura Mosque

The Chandanpura Mosque is an architectural marvel in Chattogram, known for its stunning design and intricate decorations. The mosque, with its multi-domed roof and tall minarets, is a significant religious site and a popular tourist attraction. Visitors are often captivated by its vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship.


What is the best time of year to visit Chattogram?

The ideal time to visit Chattogram is from November to March. During these months, the weather is relatively cooler and more comfortable, making it perfect for exploring the city and its surroundings. The monsoon season from June to September can be quite rainy, which might hinder outdoor activities.

Are there any cultural festivals in Chattogram that tourists can experience?

Chattogram hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year. One of the most notable is the Bengali New Year celebration, Pohela Boishakh, held in mid-April. It features colorful parades, traditional music, and dance performances. The Eid celebrations are also significant, showcasing the city’s rich Islamic heritage with communal prayers, feasts, and festivities.

Is Chattogram suitable for family vacations?

Absolutely! Chattogram offers a variety of attractions that cater to all age groups, making it an ideal destination for family vacations. Places like Foy’s Lake Amusement Park and Patenga Beach are perfect for children, while the cultural and historical sites can be educational and enjoyable for adults.

What are the transportation options within Chattogram?

Chattogram has a range of transportation options, including buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. For a more authentic experience, one can also try the cycle-rickshaws for shorter distances. For exploring the surrounding areas, hiring a car or using inter-city buses would be more convenient.

Can visitors partake in any water sports in Chattogram?

While Chattogram is not widely known for water sports, Patenga Beach and nearby locations like Cox’s Bazar offer some opportunities like jet skiing and speed boating. For a more relaxed experience, boat rides in Kaptai Lake and Bhatiari Lake are quite popular.

Are there any specific health and safety tips for travelers in Chattogram?

Visitors should stay hydrated and use sun protection, especially during the warmer months. It’s advisable to drink bottled water and be cautious with street food to avoid stomach upsets. In terms of safety, it’s recommended to be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded markets, and keep your valuables secure.

Final Words

Chattogram is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a wide array of experiences to its visitors. From natural wonders and historical sites to cultural attractions and culinary delights, Chattogram has something for everyone.

The city’s warm hospitality and diverse attractions make it a must-visit destination in 2023. As Chattogram continues to grow and evolve, it remains a testament to the rich heritage and dynamic spirit of Bangladesh.