My Top 5 Places To Enjoy Kayaking in Bangladesh – Adventure Awaits!

Ever thought of kayaking in Bangladesh? Probably not, right? The country isn’t exactly famous for adventure sports. Most people just picture waterfalls, nature, bustling markets, delicious food, and maybe a visit to the Sundarbans to spot a Bengal tiger.

But trust me, there’s much more beneath the surface. Grab your paddles, and let’s look at some of the best spots for kayaking in Bangladesh. Yes, they exist, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

1. Mohamaya Lake, Chattogram

Kayaking spots Bangladesh

I can’t recommend Mohamaya Kayaking Point (MKP) enough. They’ve got some fantastic camping and kayaking setups right on the shores of Mahamaya Lake. The camping situation is a real steal – you can pitch a tent from 6 pm to 7 am the next day for just 600 BDT per person.

The tents fit anywhere from 4 to 30 people, so it’s perfect for a group outing.  You’ll need to book in advance and put down a 500 taka deposit, but it’s very much worth it. The package includes all the essentials – a cozy hammock, a campfire, some tasty BBQ, and a spread of parota, rice, cocktails, chicken, eggs, veggies, and tea to start your day off right.

Now, if you’re looking to get out on the water, there are plenty of opportunities on this lake. Their kayaks are available from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and it’s 300 BDT an hour or 200 for an extra 30 minutes.

Two people can fit in a kayak, and they offer student discounts (200 for an hour, 150 for 30 mins). They’ve also got some sweet engine boats if you want to cruise around the lake in style. The 8-10 person boats are 800-1000 BDT an hour, which is a pretty solid deal.


  • Scenic views that look like they’ve been photoshopped.
  • Fountains and mountain caves adding a touch of mystery.
  • Plenty of boating and kayaking options.
Pro Tip: Avoid weekends if you’re not a fan of crowds. This hidden gem is getting more popular by the minute.

2. Kaptai Lake

Best kayaking places Bangladesh

About six months ago, I decided to go on a little kayaking adventure at the BDR (Border Guard Bangladesh) facility on Kaptai Lake. Conveniently, there’s a kayaking club right nearby. But get this – both the bridge and the kayaking spot were in the same general vicinity.

The route there was a bit of a mixed bag. There’s a newly constructed 30-foot road that’s a much more comfortable ride than the previous hilly trail. I’d highly recommend sticking to the new road if you can – the hilly option just adds unnecessary time and effort, especially when it’s raining like it was for me.

Even though the hilly trek had a certain rustic charm, the extra hour it added to my journey just wasn’t worth it. When I arrived at the kayaking site, the hourly rental rate was 200 BDT, which translates to around 3 USD. Not a bad deal at all. Just be mindful that they close up shop at 5 PM sharp.

If you’re not familiar with the local transportation options, I’d suggest renting a car for the trip. The public vehicles can be a bit rough around the edges. But in a pinch, an autorickshaw or CNG (the local term for a three-wheeler) can definitely get the job done.

As for the kayaking itself? Absolutely fantastic! I spent a solid 2-3 hours on the water, and it was such a peaceful and fun experience. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on your physical fitness level. But if you’ve got a good partner to tag-team with, it makes for a really cool, memorable outing.


  • Largest man-made lake.
  • Surrounded by hills and greenery, making it feel like a mini-vacation.
  • Options for boat rides and even houseboats.
Pro Tip: Try the houseboats if you want to extend your stay. It’s like a floating hotel but cooler.

3. Sundarbans

Kayaking adventures Bangladesh

The Sundarbans is an absolute gem. Straddling the borders of India and Bangladesh, this place is a real natural wonder, boasting lush mangrove forests and the majestic striped predators that call it home.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Indian portion of the Sundarbans, located in West Bengal, is an absolute must-visit.  The journey from Kolkata takes around 3.5 hours, but it’s well worth the drive.

My trip started at the crack of dawn, departing Kolkata at 7 am and making a beeline for Jharkhali via Canning.  I rolled into town around 10:30 am, fueled up with a hearty breakfast, and then sat down for a delectable lunch at 2 pm before hopping in a boat for a cruise along the Herobhanga River.

The real magic, though, happened the next day – a full-day expedition exploring the creeks and waterways of the Sundarbans.  While the elusive Bengal tiger may have evaded my sight, I had a chance to see plenty of wildlife.

Wild boar, junglefowl, and spotted deer roamed the banks, while the skies above were alive with no less than 10 different species of kingfishers, including the stork-billed, dwarf, black-capped, and collared varieties.  And, of course, the ever-present crocodiles kept a watchful eye on my movements.


  • Largest mangrove forest in the world.
  • Diverse ecosystem and wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Numerous estuaries, creeks, and tidal rivers.
Pro Tip: Hire a guide who knows the waterways. Getting lost here isn’t just inconvenient; it’s terrifying.

4. Dakatia River, Chandpur

Kayaking tours Bangladesh

I’ve always been fascinated by how rivers can leave such a profound mark on the communities that call their banks home. Just a month ago, I had the chance to take a boat ride down the Dakatia River in Chandpur, and it was an eye-opening experience.

From the hardworking boatmen who rely on these waterways to make a living, to the fishermen casting their nets and the homes that line the riverbanks, the whole scene was absolutely gorgeous.

It really drove home for me just how natural these rivers are to the socioeconomic fabric of the communities they sustain. They’re the lifeblood, the beating heart that nourishes and sustains these vibrant riverside landscapes. To witness that firsthand was a true privilege, especially from the comfort of my trusty kayak.


  • Observe local life and economy. It’s like National Geographic, but live.
  • Green surroundings for a soothing vibe.
  • Plenty of fishermen and locals to see.
Pro Tip: Morning trips are best. You get to see the hustle and bustle without the afternoon heat.

5. Shitalakshya River, Narayanganj

As a frequent traveler, I’ve found that when time and budget constraints prevent me from going on a cross-country adventure, there are still plenty of enriching experiences to be had right in my own backyard. For instance, I recently had the pleasure of taking a boat tour along the Shitalakshya River near Dhaka.

This waterway originates from the Old Brahmaputra and meanders through the districts of Narayangaj, Gazipur, and Narsingdi.  In fact, the historic capital of Sonargaon was once situated along the banks of this very river.

Nowadays, the riverscape offers fascinating proximity to urban industry and rural serenity, with trawlers, boats, and pleasure cruises awaiting in these waters. Of course, when going on this excursion, it’s crucial to prioritize safety.

Ensure you have a life jacket, and I recommend traveling with a companion, especially if you’re not a confident swimmer. And no matter how brave you may feel, it’s wise to exercise caution in the face of bad weather conditions.


  • Conveniently located near Dhaka.
  • Mix of urban and rural scenery. Best of both worlds.
  • Variety of boats to choose from, including the fanciest of all, cruises.
Pro Tip: Go for a sunset trip. The view is Instagram-worthy.

Safety Precautions

Now, before you throw caution to the wind and grab your kayak, let’s talk safety. Sure, adventure is great, but staying unharmed is even better. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Avoid Extreme Weather: Bangladesh’s weather can be extreme. Check the forecast, and don’t be a hero.
  • Wear Lifejackets: This is an absolute must. It could save your life.
  • Don’t Drink the River Water: Seriously. Don’t.
  • Consult Local Boatmen: They know the waterways better than you ever will. Listen to them.

Final Words

So, there you have it—my top 5 places for kayaking in Bangladesh. Each spot I listed here offers something unique. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a new way to explore, kayaking in these locations won’t disappoint. Just remember the safety tips, and you’ll be golden.

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