10 Best Cox’s Bazar Hotels, Bangladesh 2024 – Plan Your Next Vacation

Cox’s Bazar, renowned for boasting the world’s longest beach, is a mosaic of nature’s splendor, combining the tranquility of the sea with the majestic beauty of hills, especially in Himchhory.

As the sun sets, the beach transforms into a canvas of light and shadow, painting a picture that lingers in memory.

For travelers seeking to immerse themselves in this picturesque setting, selecting the right hotel is crucial.

Today, I will present you the 10 best hotels in Cox’s Bazar, each offering unique experiences, varying from luxurious to budget-friendly, and all promising to enhance your stay in this coastal paradise.

1. Hotel Windy Terrace

Hotel Windy Terrace stands as a symbol of elegance and comfort. Imagine a gentle breeze caressing your face as you gaze at the ocean from your balcony — this is the experience that Windy Terrace offers.

With its contemporary design and exceptional service, it’s a haven for those seeking a blend of luxury and serenity.

  • Star Rating: 4 Stars

Key Features

  • Panoramic ocean views
  • State-of-the-art amenities
  • Proximity to the beach

2. Muscat Holiday Resort

Muscat Holiday Resort

Muscat Holiday Resort is like a bridge between the traditional and the modern. Picture a place where the charm of Bangladeshi culture meets contemporary comfort.

This resort is not just a stay; it’s an experience, rich in local flavor yet catering to modern tastes.

  • Star Rating: 3.5 Stars

Key Features

  • Cultural ambiance
  • Modern facilities
  • Authentic local cuisine

3. Long Beach Hotel

Long Beach Hotel bangladesh

At Long Beach Hotel, luxury is not just an offering; it’s an experience. Envision sinking into plush bedding after a day of beach exploration.

The hotel’s refined elegance, combined with top-notch service, ensures that every moment of your stay is imbued with a sense of exclusivity.

  • Star Rating: 4 Stars

Key Features

  • Luxurious rooms
  • Exquisite dining options
  • Spa and wellness center

4. Hotel Auster Echo

Hotel Auster Echo is akin to a poem written in the language o f elegance and comfort.

Its rooms offer a blend of style and tranquility, perfect for those who seek a peaceful retreat after a day of adventure.

  • Star Rating: 3 Stars

Key Features

  • Elegant interiors
  • Serene environment
  • Quality service

5. Hotel Sea Crown

Hotel Sea Crown

Perched like a crown jewel by the sea, Hotel Sea Crown offers breathtaking views that encapsulate the essence of Cox’s Bazar.

The hotel harmonizes luxury with nature, providing an escape that is both opulent and organic.

  • Star Rating: 4 Stars

Key Features

  • Stunning sea views
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Proximity to major attractions

6. Hotel Sea Shine

Hotel Sea Shine

Hotel Sea Shine is a beacon of warm hospitality. Its friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make it a home away from home.

This hotel is ideal for families and individuals who value a welcoming and comfortable environment.

  • Star Rating: 3 Stars

Key Features

  • Warm and friendly service
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Family-friendly environment

7. Hotel Vista Bay

At Hotel Vista Bay, every window frames a painting — a stunning view of the bay.

This hotel is a favorite for those who want to wake up to the serene beauty of the sea and end their day with a picturesque sunset.

  • Star Rating: 3.5 Stars

Key Features

  • Exceptional bay views
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Strategic location

8. Sea Princess Hotel

The Sea Princess Hotel is like a palace by the sea. Its regal ambiance and attention to detail in service make guests feel like royalty.

The hotel’s blend of luxury and comfort is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

  • Star Rating: 4 Stars

Key Features

  • Regal atmosphere
  • Exceptional service
  • Luxurious amenities

9. Hotel Golden Hill

Hotel Golden Hill is a gem for budget-conscious travelers. Imagine finding a place that offers comfort and quality without breaking the bank.

This hotel proves that affordability does not mean compromising on quality.

  • Star Rating: 2 Stars

Key Features

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Convenient location

10. Hotel Media

Hotel Media bangladesh
Source: booking.com

Hotel Media is a testament to the fact that comfort can be affordable. It’s like finding a cozy nook in the heart of Cox’s Bazar, where you can relax without worrying about the cost. This hotel is ideal for travelers who prioritize both comfort and budget.

  • Star Rating: 1 Star

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Cozy rooms
  • Central location

What Makes Cox’s Bazar Unique?

Imagine the beach as a sprawling canvas, where each day, the sun paints a new masterpiece of lights and shadows. It’s a place where the hills whisper tales of mystique and the ocean hums lullabies of tranquility.

This unique blend of landscapes provides a backdrop that enhances every hotel stay, making your experience not just about the comfort of your room but about being immersed in an environment that rejuvenates the soul.

Attractions Beyond the Beach

While the beach is the star, Cox’s Bazar’s supporting cast of attractions is equally impressive.

Himchori Mountain, for instance, stands as a sentinel, offering panoramic views that make one feel on top of the world.

The natural waterfalls in the area are like nature’s own symphonies, each drop creating melodies as they cascade down.

Kolatoli and Inani Beach offer quieter, more intimate beach experiences, perfect for those seeking solitude or a romantic escape.


Getting around Cox’s Bazar is an adventure in itself. The local rickshaws, with their colorful decorations, offer a traditional and eco-friendly way to explore.

CNG vehicles and tom-toms add to the mix, providing options for every preference and budget.

Each mode of transportation offers a different perspective of the town, from the bustling streets to the quiet, scenic routes along the coast.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hotel

bangladesh hotel

What Should You Consider?

When selecting a hotel, think of it as choosing the right lens to view Cox’s Bazar through. Each hotel offers a different perspective and a different experience.

Consider what’s important to you: Is it the view, the proximity to the beach, the level of luxury, or the cultural experience?

Perhaps you’re seeking a family-friendly environment or a place that resonates with the vibe of the local community.

Making the Most of Your Budget

Cox’s Bazar offers accommodations for every budget. From the opulent rooms of 4-star hotels to the cozy, affordable spaces of budget hotels, there’s a place for everyone.

Remember, the value of a hotel isn’t just in its price but in the experiences and memories it helps create.

Sometimes, a less expensive hotel might offer a more authentic and memorable experience.


Are there all-inclusive hotel options available in Cox’s Bazar?

While Cox’s Bazar has a wide range of hotels, all-inclusive options are limited. It is recommended to check with individual hotels for packages that include meals and other amenities.

Can I find eco-friendly or sustainable hotels in Cox’s Bazar?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly hotels in Cox’s Bazar that focus on sustainability. These hotels often use renewable energy sources, have waste reduction practices, and offer organic dining options.

Do hotels in Cox’s Bazar offer tours or activities?

Many hotels in Cox’s Bazar organize local tours and activities for guests, such as beach excursions, cultural tours, and trips to nearby attractions like Himchori and Inani Beach.

Are there pet-friendly hotels in Cox’s Bazar?

Pet-friendly hotels in Cox’s Bazar are relatively rare. It’s advisable to check directly with hotels about their pet policies before booking.

What are the average prices for mid-range hotels in Cox’s Bazar?

Mid-range hotels in Cox’s Bazar typically cost between $30 to $60 per night, depending on the season and the specific amenities offered.

Is it necessary to book hotels in advance during peak season in Cox’s Bazar?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book hotels in advance during peak seasons, such as during the winter months and national holidays, as hotels often get fully booked due to high demand.

Final Words

Choosing the right hotel in Cox’s Bazar is like picking a pearl from the ocean — each one is unique and valuable in its own way.

Whether you seek luxury, comfort, tradition, or affordability, this list of the top 10 hotels offers something for every traveler.

As you plan your journey to this coastal haven, remember that the right hotel can elevate your experience from a simple stay to an unforgettable adventure.

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