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More of Sylhet

This sanctuary of migratory birds where millions of flying creatures congregate every winter will give you pleasure. Known as "the land of two leaves and a bud", its terraced tea gardens, rolling countryside, colorful tribesmen, eye-catching orange groves and pineapple plantations, tropical jungles and exotic flora and fauna will attract you.

Also known as the land of saints and savants including Hazrat Shah Jalal, its people are known for their hospitality and craftsmanship. And topping it all, the famous Manipuri dance will enliven your evenings out in the open-of course, by prior arrangement. Exquisite handmade manipuri fabrics and bamboo products are the popular souvenirs.

Srimangol, known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, is the main tea center of the area. For miles and mils around, the visitor can see the teagardens spread like green carpet over the plain land or on the sloping hills. A visit to the tea plantation is a memorable experience. Sylhet and Srimangol, the tea granary of Bangladesh, not only has over 150 tea gardens but also proudly possesses three largest tea garden in the world both in area and production.

Sylhet is linked with Dhaka by rail, road and air.
Tamabil - Jaflong
Situated amidst splendid panorama, Tamabil is a border outpost on Sylhet-Shilong road, about 55 km. away from Sylhet town. Beside enchanting views of the area one can also have a glimpse of the waterfall across the border from Tamabil. Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rare beauty of rolling stones from hills. more
Srimongal, Known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, just around 75km south of Sylhet. This hilly area, with tea estates, lemon orchards and pineapple plantations, is one of the most picturesque parts of the country. more
Lawacherra Rain Forest
Lawacherra Rain Forest is one of the important & well-reserved forests in Bangladesh. Here visitor may see gibbons swimming through the trees and birds like bee-eater owls parrot. It is a good habitant of Deer, leopard, wild chicken, squirrel, and python. The terrain is hilly and vegetation is fairly thick. Only one rare Chloroform tree of Asia is prime attraction.

Khasia & Manipuri is two important ethnic-tribe live here. Manipuri is famous for its rich culture especially for dancing, singing. They are also famous for their traditional weaving. You can buy their handicrafts exquisitely woven woolen. Shawls, Sharee, Napkin, bed-cover and some should a bag. It is known as colorful community. Khasia tribe is famous for their betel leaf cultivation. They make their villages high on hilltop in deep forest and so far from town. It is like "A Piece of Paradise". Certainly it will please you.
Madav Kundu Waterfall
Madav kundu waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet division. Lots of tourists and picnic parties come to Madav kundu every day for their enjoyment.

A three-hour drive southeast of Sylhet (and equally accessible from Srimangal by road and rail), and a 3km rickshaw ride from Dakshinbagh train station, is the famous waterfall of Madav kundu. more
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